Customized Procedure Packs

Increased efficiency in the operating theatre

1stQ offers a comprehensive range of drape packs for all ophthalmic procedures, function-oriented as usual, and consisting of individual high-quality components.

1stQ procedure packs mean an optimised material usage through customer-specific production, plus a lean administration procedure through convenient order transactions. These are important benefits, saving time and ensuring a smooth work routine in the operating theatre.

Sample surgical set with blue drapes

Individual Solutions for your Operating Theatre

We provide you with drape systems as per your individual requirements and take care of all logistic services. The contents and sequence of packs will be arranged in accordance with your specific preferences. This yields the following benefits for you:

Timesaving effect and efficiency gain in the operating theatre

  • minimum peeling and start-up time
  • optimised workflow

Cost savings and convenience through time-saving work routine

  • simplified and resource-saving warehousing  
  • considerably reduced volume of waste
  • upon request, the packs may be complemented by special accessory products

Benefit from the vast potential of individual solutions!

For more detailed information please contact the assigned area manager, distributor or the 1stQ customer service by calling +49 621 71763 - 30.

Alternatively, you may fill the Contact form right here.

Procedure Packs

  • Patient drapes
  • Eye draping cloths
  • Covers for armrests and tables
  • Surgical gowns and gloves
  • Viscoelastic cannulas
  • Disposable syringes
  • Disposable instruments
  • Compresses, eye swabs, protection shields

Our individually composed procedure packs carry certified CE labels and are made of high-grade single-use raw materials. The drape fabric comes with customized high-precision press cuts.