Precision Instruments for Eye Surgery

Precision Instruments

1stQ precision instruments are continuously adapted to the requirements of modern and efficient eye surgery. In close cooperation with physicians and operating room personnel, innovative new developments are driven forward. We are committed to combining precision, hygiene, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Vast variety

The range includes a wide variety of products for use by ophthalmic surgeons:

  • IOL injectors
  • Disposable and resterilizable instruments
  • Measuring and marking instruments for toric IOL
  • Single-use knives
  • Single-use cannulas
  • Single-use instruments (including forceps, hooks, manipulators, choppers, eyelid blockers, scissors, tear duct probes)
  • Instrument accessories

Info material

close up of an ophthalmology single-use instrument

Excellent life cycle assessment

The advantages of single-use instruments have long been a matter of conviction for us. But how do sustainability and single-use go together? The screening study we commissioned from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP to investigate the carbon footprint attests to our single-use products' excellent life cycle assessment (LCA).

Our single-use instruments with metal tips and polymer handles produced in Germany were compared with conventional steel instruments manufactured in Asia. The ISO 14044 study proves that 1stQ products cause significantly less CO2 over their entire life cycle. Our innovative recycling concept is also designed to further improve the LCA. Single-use instruments can thus be fed into a recycling process through a special system (only available in Germany).

You can read more about the carbon footprint of our instruments here (german).

chart of the excellent carbon footprint

Economical, responsible and safe

Single-use instruments are more economical: The high costs for the purchase of resterilizable instruments as well as their documented reprocessing and release for each individual operation is therefore avoided. It is also possible to increase efficiency in logistics and in OR workflow.

Our instruments are manufactured in Germany under ethical and fair working conditions. The degree of automation is very high, so that the instruments tips require only minor finishing, while maintaining the highest level of craftmanship and precision.

Moreover, this leads to increased patient safety: single-use products guarantee 100% sterility and functionality in the OR. The risk of surgically induced infection is significantly reduced. Every procedure is provided with a brand new instrument which has successfully passed all quality tests related so sterility and functionality.


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picture of two single-use foreceps to show the automated production